Friday, November 15, 2013

Why Organic? A simplified explanation

You may ask yourself, why on earth should I spend more money on ORGANIC when there are perfectly good foods in the grocery store at a cheaper cost?! A picture is worth a thousand words so, here is a start why:

You probably don't know that the foods you eat are bathed in chemicals. Chemicals that are toxic poisons. Chemicals that if you were to accidentally ingest them, you'd have to call poison control or have treatment done at the hospital or you may even die. So now why is it okay or safe to eat food that has been washed in these very chemicals? Doesn't make sense! The officials likes to brainwash us to believe that it's safe to eat these food exposed to these chemicals as a very small dose won't kill us. Ya, but it's not exactly going to keep us up and running strong for long! And ps, the officials doesn't have OUR best interest at heart.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Hmmm, that's funny cuz the apple is the dirtiest fruit/veg out there! After testing, it is found to contain over 200 different chemicals! No wonder my throat would swell and my gums would itch whenever I ate a conventional apple. I thought I was allergic. Then someone suggested organic and booyah baby I can enjoy apples again!

"Well, I wash my fruits and veggies before eating them and sometimes I peel them." Washing is good to remove surface debris but it does NOT completely remove the pesticides/fungicides/herbicides that the produce has been bathed in since day one. That stuff is in the soil. It is absorbed in the roots of the plant and throughout the entire fruit or veg. Peeling is the same as it only removes the surface junk, however the peel also contains the bulk of vitamins/minerals/fiber.

FYI: In one report, the CDC found that 100% of the people tested had 13 of the 23 pesticides they analyzed. Some short term and long term effects of repeated exposure to pesticides include- infertility, birth defects, childhood and adult cancers.

"I don't eat lot's of fruits and veggies to worry, I eat meat, maize and milk." First of all, that diet alone is screaming high blood pressure and other disease! Second of all, your meat and milk is WORSE as they too are regularly "treated" to hormones and antibiotics. Plus those animals are fed Genetically Modified foods which also get that chemical treatment and are in horrific conditions! They are in small crowded pens/cages, the birds are in total darkness their whole life, the cows are in ankle deep poop which is a breeding ground for E. Coli, they are very stressed out thus causing them to naturally secrete stress hormones, they are prone to diseases from this improper ill living and many other problematic things. Would you eat roadkill? Then why would you eat this?

A quick blurb on genetically modified foods: these are foods that have been genetically engineered/altered by man (since when has man ever known more or done better than God???) These foods are fairly new and long term health effects are not yet known but don't be fooled, there are problems from these foods! The environment is already seeing repercussions and the chronic diseases that are becoming more mainstream speak volumes. Avoid the following: corn/maize, soy, cotton (oil), wheat, canola. You may say you never eat tofu but I got news for you, soy is in almost EVERY packaged food as is some form of corn.

So then what does organic mean? Basically, it means produce that is grown naturally without chemicals. It means animals that are farm raised the way they were meant to by grazing in fields, eating natural foods that suit their systems without routine injections of drugs to either grow bigger/produce more milk or fight off recurring infections. Plus, organic foods does taste better and the meat doesn't shrink down in your pan like the other stuff (they also inject salt water to increase the volume and charge you more money on that non organic meat).

You will notice a difference in your health and you will feel better!! It is WAY HEALTHIER and worth the 15% or so mark up in price. And as the consumer, we speak volumes when we choose what we buy. If more and more of us demand and support the organic market, the prices will go down as supply is increased. Think about it this way, pay a little more now or hundreds of thousands for your future hospital bill when you need to receive treatment for diseases like cancer.

The above is really in a compact nutshell. It goes deeper but I know you don't have time to receive all the info now. Also, be wary of your sources when researching more for yourself. Not all official sites are 100% truthful. They have set certain "standards" that benefit themselves. And they like to publish on a need to know basis.

Use your logic: does it make sense that it's safe to eat chemicals, hormones and antibiotics on a daily basis? Is that the key to optimal health?