Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two nights ago, I was sleep talking. I dont do this very often so I didnt think to warn my hubby of this. So I guess I woke him up with something like-o my goodness babe. And while pointing at the wall palm up all fingers engaged in the pointing action proceeded to explain to him non sense which went something like-you really have to watch the metal things cuz when they leak they ruin things. He thought i was saying the walls were wet so he turned on the flash light to investigate my ridiculous claims. Then i rambled something else that he couldnt remember. I officially woke up to him saying-i dont know what you are talking about- in a most irritated manner. My hand was still in the palm up pointing position. I, now awake, was confused at what my husband was getting irritated about. To which he described what had just happened. Then i was all- o ok i was sleep talking, that happens every once in awhile. Then i got the giggles cuz non sense and that kind of confusion makes me laugh, hence my love for threes company. It was about three am and hubby had to get up in two hours for work. I continued to have the giggles until i fell back asleep. The kind of giggles where you are in grade ten and your friend just did something silly but you try hard to hold the laugh in to keep from getting in trouble from teacher giggles. But hubby still heard my laugh. I asked why he was not laughing. To which he said-my brother used to do it all the time- plus he was probably annoyed to be woken to confusion two hours before having to get up for a twelve hour shift. He laughed a little about it last night with me. I still find it amusing today.