Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That Darn Cat

I'm having a secret relationship. Each day a special visitor comes by. The neighbor's cat. He is orange and as such I call him Archie. He is a gentle sweet young boy. He likes to sit in the empty concrete planter in the back area and he waits till I draw back the patio door curtains. Then he bounces towards our patio and meows one simple hello as I open the sliding doors. On laundry day he comes early cuz he knows there will be a cushy comfy chair for him to sit on- i bring out two chairs to balance the broom stick which holds up the twenty coat hangers with them under garments so they can dry in private. One day he was very cheeky and jumped up and thru the other neighbors bedroom window. He thought it was my room window cuz it is beside our sliding doors. Upon realizing that it was not my window, he high tailed it outta there! Today he is being very needy. He has not come by in two days and i think that is why his need for attention is higher today. So i was standing on the patio looking at the clouds, dont really get clouds here, and it reminded me of van on a clear day. Suddenly, archie reaches up, hooks a claw into the back of my shirt and gives it a tug as to say hey, i'm down here, pay attention to me please. Ya, like i didnt notice him kneading my feet and purring on them! I brought the grass mat outside cuz this sky called for some serious cloud watching duty. As soon as i laid down guess who was purring in my face. No, not freddy. . .he just got home. And now archie is making a run for the open sliding door my husband left open. He is very determined to go inside our house. Again not freddy but archie. Archie and freddy are indifferent to each other.