Sunday, January 27, 2013


I am loving motherhood! I spend 24/7 with this baby and it's so fun and doesn't get old. We have lot's of cuddle time, outside time, play time, exercise time, story time, song time. One of our fav things to do is play ball. I sit her on one end of the loveseat and I at the other. Then we roll this soft soccer ball back and forth (she got it for Christmas) and we are both all smiles and squeals of happiness. My baby loves to use her feet as weapons. She pushes them into my leg, pinches my skin with her toes and then twists and turns them. She loves to kick anything and everything near her feet. And she kicks hard! But that's not what I'm here to talk to you about today...

I'm actually not here to talk to you about anything specific. Just some random thoughts. Well, maybe random isn't the word I want.

I can't wait to have baby #2 then #3 (that is if I'm blessed to have more kids). If I were in my 20's, I'd probably try to get pregnant next month. But alas, I'm mid 30's so I feel I should wait until LO is 1 so my body has that time to rebuild calcium, iron and folic acid stores to give #2 a healthy start. Plus, I still have 4kg pregnancy weight I want to shed plus a little more. I want to be thinner at the start of this next pregnancy.

I lost 6kgs so far this month. In a nutshell, it's all about eating protein, veg, fats together and carbs, vegs together and fruit alone on empty stomach. Why? Protein requires a more acidic environment to digest whereas carbs (as in grains) require a more alkaline environment. If the two are eaten together you get indigestion. Fruits digest quickly thus they shouldn't be combined with other foods to avoid gas. And fats mixed with protein doesn't cause weight gain whereas carbs with fat equals weight gain. And I avoid sugars. I honestly don't feel deprived one teeny bit! I had loosened the "reins" to have a cheat meal today and I just don't need it. I had peanut butter on toast and popcorn. That was my cheat meal! I don't think I'll have a cheat day this coming week cuz like I said, I don't feel deprived.

FB is becoming so old news and quite boring. I want to leave but I have so many photos on there I don't want to lose them and I have no desire to download them all!! I've just decided to not really go on it anymore.

I'd love to go on a family vacation. DH and I haven't been anywhere except for our mini honeymoon a couple years ago. We went an hour away up the coast for 3 nights. We couldn't afford to do much. I'd be thrilled to just go camping! But DH has never gone camping and has a tainted idea of what camping is (sleeping in the bush with bugs and praying bad guys don't come and get us). He also thinks it's absolutely absurd to take a baby camping. Africans.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I Hate to Hear and Things I Can't Hear Enough

There are three things that people say to me as a mother that drive me bananas. Unfortunately, I hear these things often enough that now I have to blog vent about it.

1. "Watch that baby/look after that baby!" What the H.E.double hockey sticks is that suppose to mean?? Do people think I put my child in a pile of garbage while I run off to the spa for facials?! I WATCH MY CHILD thank you very much! That child is my life. I'm with her 24/7. She even comes with me when I go to the loo. She spends a lot of time in my arms or on my lap too. When we go somewhere, I sit in the backseat with her and we hold hands (unless she falls asleep). Her bed is beside mine and shall be until she is 1. When it's her bedtime, I check on her every few minutes to makes sure all is well. Now please, dont come and say I'm a crazy overprotective mother. She has her independent play time too on her activity mat and goes to sleep on her own in her own bed at bedtime. So the next person who says "look after that baby" is gonna get whipped with a car antennae.

2. "Your baby is so big! She eats too much." The ironic thing is the people who say this to me are fat women. Uh, look in the mirror honey! A. B. my baby is a few grams above average for the weight chart for her age. She's got some chub on her thighs and forearms but she's a baby. Babies aren't suppose to be skinny!! That cute little chub that I relish will go when she crawls and grows. C. she doesn't eat too much, especially based on the calculations of babies under 6months are to eat 120-150ml/kg a day. This point is starting to not bother me so much anymore cuz I've learned that people are dumb. They don't know what what and yet they flap their jaws. My baby is perfect and her needs are being met plus billions of loves and cuddles. The End.

3. "You must...." Everyone has two cents to contribute. Please stop with the advice. I've read the books and googled the information. I'm the mother, I know my child and I have instinct. Like every adult, each baby is a unique individual. I typically just smile and nod when people share their "knowledge" and then I go about my day.

The things that I can't hear enough are

1. "Your baby is sooo cute!" One time in the grocery store a lady and her young daughter were in awe over me babe. She then said she'd give me 4 million to adopt my baby (of course she wasn't totally serious) and of course I said no, she is priceless and mine!

2. "Your baby looks like you" Sometimes I wonder if it is meant to a compliment, but I take it as one cuz my baby is dang adorable in my opinion. Thank you :)

3. "Your baby smiles a lot" Yep, we try to have a happy little family and she does smile lots :)