Thursday, March 27, 2014

2nd Pregnancy at 35

Absolutely sucks. Especially the third trimester!

I started out the first trimester being so awesome with my wheat free, dairy free, sugar free, tonnes of veggies etc nutrition and my wonderful workout routine and my pregnancy boosting supplements. The first 6 weeks were stellar and I thought "wow, I'm gonna rock this pregnancy better than the first"

Then that nausea set in. It wasn't as intense as the first one and thought, "ok, I can do this. It's not as bad as the first." But then it intensifed a bit and was different from the first in a way that it was a low nagging nausea in the pit of my stomach and suprisingly eating was the only thing that kept it in check. 10 mins after stopping eating, it would return. So I munched pretty much all day while taking the Magen, which wasn't as helpful this time around. I ate things like raw carrots and homemade hummus. Then I needed pasta and sandwiches like I transformed into Joey Tribianni. Yho, it fell a part a bit there. The nausea "shockingly" got bit more intense (still not as bad as with number 1). I stopped exercising as awesomely as I was in the beginning but did something a couple times a week as the exhaustion allowed. And I started feeling freezing cold. Also, having a busy toddler is quite taxing when pregnant. First pregnancy, I was free to rest or whatever my body needed. But this pregnany has really been about the busy and easily bored toddler. But shortly after 2nd trimester set in, the nausea and fatigue settled down.

This was my breather trimester. Summer also rolled in. I was eating decent. No intense cravings like I had with little miss. Well, I wanted some ice cream each day but that may be due to the incredible heat of summer coupled with being a furnace of a pregnant lady. Yho, I've never felt so hot in my life! Not even when I used to do Bikram Yoga. Luckily, the complex has a pool. We made use of that every afternoon. It was bliss. We walked around each morning and swam every afternoon. So all in all cant complain about 2nd trimester.

Then March set in, height of 3rd trimester. I have not known pain/illness like this before! It's day 27 of physical trial and tribulation. The weather transition rapidly from summer to winter (um, where did fall go??) and bubs got a cold and cough. Her cough was quite full of congestion, she sounded like a purring cat when she breathed. She got it from one of these clowns that she plays with in the complex (kids dont know how to cover their mouth when they cough). She even needed some antibiotics. I'm not a big fan of big pharma and got the natural route but there are some times and places where meds are required to get the situation in control, but its not my first go to. She was fine in a couple days but hubs and I got her cold. He got the cough part and I got the head cold part. It was a whole week, which is absolutely unheard of for me and my pretty stellar immune system. But you may not know this, pregnancy kills your immune system (and metabolism) so your body can focus on growing a baby. So there you have it, step 1 to what was ahead. Then as the cold was clearing up, I got a tummy bug. That wasnt fun. No vomitting, just the other thing. That concerned me cuz that kind of lower body movement can jump start labor. But it settled down in time for my lumbar to be out. Out like not before. O the pain. I hobbled around like a geriatric. Then my hip kicked in the next day. Walking was accomplishing the impossible. I went to the chiropractor. He aligned me, and I was really misaligned. But my hip somehow missed the message and stayed in a most excrutiating way. Then 2 days after the chiro, that cold that "cleared up" transitioned into a sinus infection. So far, quite possibly, the most pain I've ever felt. My entire left facial bone structure felt like it was going to burst. Like a freight train powed me in the cheek! I cried like a baby. Because the sinus pocket touches down onto the molar roots, tooth pain was very present. So much so, I thought I had a tooth thing going on and ran to the dentist. He said my teeth are fine and explained that sinus thing I just did. Only thing the pharmacist and gynae said I could do was take some Panado for the pain and was sinus out with seawater nasal spray. This past month, I've been eating raw garlic like candy, squirting seawater up my nose like cocaine (cant think of anything else you'd put up your nose for drastic comparison??), consuming Rescue Remedy like water and begging/praying for some relief. My sinus isn't as painful as it was a couple days ago but still aches like a steady headache but in my face. I've almost used the entire seaspray in 6 days. And my hip still hurts. Tried a massage today. Could only afford the half hour session. It helped relax the muscles so the pain is less intense. Looking forward to the day of pushing this kid out. But then there's all that postpartum yuckiness to deal with (bladder control, hemorrhoids, bleeding, breastfeeding trials and pains). So really, looking forward to the end of June. Then I have a big job of post natal weight loss. O sigh. There may not be a third baby, unless we become really rich and I can afford helpful things like: nanny/ maid, weekly chiro visits, weekly prenatal massage, home waterbirth, etc.

If you're married and under 35, best to start having them babies now, cuz yho pregnancy ages you like 10-50 years depending on if its first or subsequent pregnancy. Ps, your hips never really go back into place so that second baby will be a killer unless you are a teeny tiny skinny mini.