Monday, February 9, 2015

Detox-physical, mental, spiritual, emotional

I've gotten rather full of junk, if you will.

My eating habits have taken a hit since prego number 2 (he's 9 months old now, so what's my excuse??). I barely eat veggies. I've become addicted to nonsense (ice cream bars, chips, pizza, deli meat sandwiches, pasta in grande proportions, etc). I've gained weight since I've had the's suppose to go the other way round of losing weight since having a baby! I've also been stress eating. Just shovelling crap down my throat during moments of stress which seem to be all too common these days (I blame South Africa for that). And raising 2 young babies requires much dedication and no left over time to dedicate to health and weight loss. In the past, for me to lose weight, I had to exercise 2 hours a day and focus/record everything I ate to ensure I ate a suitable number of calories and quality foods. Plus, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing these meals.

My attitude has become overwhelmingly negative. Dealing with the nonsense of a disorganized corrupt country will wear you down. Plus, lot's of trials have been thrown our way since getting married.

My faith has been shaken. That which does not kill you will make you stronger??? I'd like to change that to that which does not kill you will wear you down and make you numb. When a heap of trials are thrown your way on a regular basis, you may question things.

So my solution is to do a GRANDE LIFE DETOX. It was either that or continue down the road of unhealthy ways, become haggard and then die of some stress related disease.

Part 1-physical detox. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for some serious motivation. I'm doing a juice fast. I'm on day 2. My goal has been set into phases.

(The green juice is about a litre and is divided into lunch and dinner. I had already drank my brekkie juice so it is not shown in image. Ideally, you would juice your juice and then drink it but I have two kids and little time so I must juice my days worth in the am and put it in the fridge and consume as the day goes on. So much more convenient too than hauling out the juicer 5x a day and cleaning it 5x a day.)

Phase 1: Day 1 to 3 of just juicing.

Phase 2: Days 4 to 5 of just juicing continued if I'm feeling good.

Phase 3: Days 6 to 10 of just juicing if I'm feeling strong and good.

Phase 4: Day 11 to 20 of juicing and eating veggies and fruits only. But if I felt like I could not do just juicing after Day 3 then this phase would entail Day 4 to Day 20.

Phase 5: Day 21 to life. Maintain with addition of legumes, nuts and seeds; grains on occasion; and animal foods once or twice a week. Ultimately, I'd like to just juice for 30 days like Joe Cross starts out but I'm not sure I can go that long without eating food. I know I can do juicing and eat fruits and veggies only for 30 days.

Part 2-become a positive person. This is a process. Some things I'm doing to help are:

- Social Media fast (I want to fast from this as long as I do just juicing, once I incorporate solids I'll go back on social media but in very small amounts)

- Gratitude Journal. I write down 3 new things each day that I'm grateful for that happened that day. This helps focus on the good that happens each day

- Reread the law of attraction and quotes about it. I want good things to come my way so I must implement the law of attraction

- Read, listen to and watch uplifting things.

- Vision board and visualization. I made a vision board of things I want to attract in my life along with images that just made me feel happy. Plus, I spend some time each day visualizing the things I want in my life

(yes, that is money cuz I want to attract money so we can buy a house and have a nice savings account for future missions and such)

Part 3- strengthen my testimony by bearing it to my kids on little principles throughout the day and to hubby. Continue with praying and read scriptures daily.

These next 30 days will be a process but the end results will be worth it. Here's to a big detox with a positive outcome!