Monday, February 14, 2011


It's astounding that there is still such levels of racism. We went to check a flat on saturday. The lady who showed it to us was about fifty. She asked if it was for just me and i said no my husband too. Her face changed upon looking at my black boo. I asked for an application and she said she didnt have any. I asked how we could apply. She then said she is still running the ad and could email or fax us one. I said ok, here is my email. She said she didnt want it and will call me monday for it! Freddy was not suprised as he has experienced it before in this country. I dont understand racism at all. Not one tiny bit. Even in our primary one seven year old boy was sitting beside a sun beam and moved his chair over and said 'i dont like black people.' I was livid! I made it very clear that that kind of behaviour is disgusting and I will not tolerate and never again do I want to hear garbage like that. Imagine a child making such hideous remarks, in church no less! What are his parents teaching him? Sadly that boy comes from a not so nice background. My goal is to shower him with love and good example and sound teachings on Sunday. Growl to racism. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE FROM GOD!

ok, photos?

so I know some of you've asked for photos and seeing as i have one min on a comp here is a photo:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dis couraged

There's alot of poo raining down this week. Five sizable things of junk, dont feel like getting into details. I'm feeling discouraged. I just need to vent a bit about the cost of living here. I was told by a few locals that the minimum wage is about seven rand an hour (about one dollar) or about fifteen hundred rand a month. Rent for a safe complex is about three thousand. Or you can live in the ghetto or town ship-as a foreigner, you wont survive long there. Watermelon is twenty five rand. Bananas are eight rand a kilo unless on a special rare sale. Toilet paper is twenty two rand for ten cheapy rolls. The bus is ten rand during off peak hours or seventeen on peak hours, and you have to pay EVERY time you get on-no transfers or whatever. Plus you have to pre pay for phone and electricity. As you can see, it is impossible to live here. There is so much suffering! There are the rich people and the poor people. It stinks and is very dis heartening.