Thursday, November 8, 2012


is how I'm feeling now. My  baby is napping!!! Ahh, nice and calm. She had 3 nice naps yesterday and went to bed nicely too. She's on her 3rd nap now. When she awoke from her am nap (I bring her into bed with me so I can fall asleep after our morning chat as daddy has gone off to work early so there is plenty o room for wee one), I peeked in to the room to see how she was. And there she was quietly looking around until she caught my eye, then she flashed her gorgeous infectious smiles and started her baby babbles and squeals of delight. That stuff makes my day. She's such a dolly faced delight. She had a bath this morning. She loves baths. She gets all wide eyed and bushy tailed when she sees the towel...she knows whats about to happen. She's a clever 11 week old. She's taken to holding the bottle with both hands to feed herself these days. I'm sure once she's walking, she'll potty train herself. She even watches Three's company with me. No joke. I sit her in my lap after she eats (must keep her upright for a bit on account of her reflux you know, soon she'll grow out of that) and she literally watches Three's Company from beginning to end. Plus, I got to exercise this morning. That always makes a lady feel good.

It's hot out. Christmas is coming. Never feels like Christmas with the heat. I feel more Christmasy in July here than December. I pray next December, we'll have enough mula to take a vacay up north to have some fun in the snow with Santa.

Well. That's my story morning anyways.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


is a bit how I'm feelin today. I feel like I'm not doin much as a mom. Like a couple of my other friends with babies are doing things like cooking fancy food, crafting clever home tools, caring for older children, breastfeeding (I may be pained on this forever) all while devoting love to their DH. I on the other hand am eating instant oatmeal, growing a pile of laundry, wearing the same outfit everyday like a cartoon character, expressing 15ml of milk (down from 30ml when I was on the lactation Rx) and ripping my hair out in frustration at trying to be a semi good mom to a very high maintenance allbeit incredibly cute baby. Sometimes, I even forget to drink water. I do not have it together and I am not super mom like my friends. I wish I had some family or friends in this country to help and bring us a casserole or clean my bathroom. My DH is trying his hardest by working, cooking once in awhile, doing dishes and helping with our sweet little primadonna. My mom's curse worked-when I was a young challenging child she said "I hope you have babies exactly like you! Then you will know what I've gone through." and here we are with an adorable, smiley baby who is exactly like me-stubborn, demanding, easily pissed off and wants it her way. I love her more than life and want the best for her. This is why I'm going crazy.

Isn't she cute!!